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Ingredients that are 100% true to themselves

Consider us proud curators of the highest quality ingredients.

We seek 100% certified organic butters and oils. From bangin' butters (shea, kokum and of course, cocoa) to all the big-time oils. Add the purest essential oils and slip into bliss central.

Our waterless formula is high-potency, free from chemicals and preservatives, and always sustainable. Praise to top-notch organic ingredients that you can feel and smell, and comprehend without a science degree. 

We're currently obsessed with these gems

Shea butter

Kinda like your favorite nut butter, but make it a seed. The shea tree, found in East and West Africa, produces seeds containing oily kernels. Those kernels are ground into a powder then boiled in water. This separates the fat from liquid, and the glorious butter rises to the surface.

GOOD FOR: repairing and replenishing skin, thanks to vitamins A, E and F.

FOUND IN: Hand & foot cream

Kokum butter

You'll start to pick up a theme. If it's fruit, nut, seed, or leaf, we're keen. Also known as goa butter, the Garcinia indicia tree produces beautiful, fatty seeds that are often cold-pressed to release what we know as the butter.

GOOD FOR: What an unsung hero. It's hard texture melts when applied to the skin, improving moisture content, all while providing extra antioxidants and restoring elasticity. Get this butter in your life, friend.

FOUND IN: Hand & foot cream 

Cocoa butter

A crowd favorite. What a boss tree, that cacao tree. The pod contains beans that not only give us chocolate, but also this glorious butter. It's considered a vegetable fat and it smells yum.

GOOD FOR: An antioxidant boost, and moisture retention (the kind you actually want). It prevents your skin from drying, and gives it some vitamin E lovin'.

FOUND IN: Lip balm & primer

Coconut oil

Coconuts are the fruit of the coconut palm, so coconut oil is kinda a fruit oil. It's often cold-pressed to keep the compounds as fresh and fine as possible. This almost 100% fatty fruit oil, made up of these things called medium chain triglycerides (MTC). Why does it matter? Because it's a lot easier for the body to process.

GOOD FOR: Sealing in moisture and battling inflammation. Also, there's a dose of vitamin E because we love that stuff.

FOUND IN: Hand & foot cream, Lip balm & primer

Candelilla wax

Seeds, fruits, and now, leaves. We've always said we're here for nature. The candelilla shrub is native to northern Mexico and southwestern US, and the leaves from that shrub are boiled down to produce what's called cerote. It's waxy and it's vegan.

GOOD FOR: Mostly to bolster up other oils, while still doing an awesome job of nourishing the skin. Really good when applied to stretch marks, age spots and thirsty skin.

FOUND IN: Hand & foot cream, Lip balm & primer

Sweet almond oil

The almond tree is a bit of an all rounder. From the fruits to the nuts, to squeezing the seed for oil. It really can do no wrong.

GOOD FOR: What's our fave vitamin? (Vitamin E!) And because it's popping in almonds, you'll also get yourself some sweet antioxidants on the inside and outside. Thanks to it's plant compounds, you'll also get fatty acids and fibre, which is an unexpected treat for your body's largest organ.

FOUND IN: Foot & bath salts

Jojoba oil

Shout out to our SoCal native, the Simmondsia chinenisis shrub. The O'odham Native American tribe originally extracted the oil to treat sores and wounds, so that gives you an idea of how special this oil is. It's pretty much on par in texture and use as the oils we naturally produce, moisturizing your skin and hair as nature intended.

GOOD FOR: A lot. It contains vitamin E, B complex, silicon, chromium, copper and zinc. Our bodies love and need those.

FOUND IN: Face serum, Hand & foot cream, Lip balm & primer

Rosehip oil

Got a rosebush? Honey, you've got rosehips! When the petal part of the rose dies, they leave behind a reddish-orange fruit. Hello, rosehips.

GOOD FOR: Tea, for starters. But also, these babies pack a real medicinal punch. They contain provitamin A (also known as beta-Carotene), stacks of fatty acids and vitamin F. they also contain this thing called lycopene, which is an antioxidant that protects the skin from nasty free-radicals.

FOUND IN: Face serum

Camellia oil

Sourced from forests and along the banks of bubbling streams, this oil has such peaceful origins, it's no wonder it works magic.

GOOD FOR: Quick absorption. This darling is light, which means it's antioxidants and oleic acid get totally soaked into your highly enthusiastic skin. Camellia oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and also somehow known for its analgesic properties. Bad. Ass.

FOUND IN: Face serum

Hempseed oil

Hello dear friend. Hemp seed oil is our secret weapon. Seeds from the hemp plant are cold pressed to release a dark-ish, nutty oil that you can consume in literally every form.

GOOD FOR: Everything. Hemp seeds are high in omega 3 and 6, which are the fatty acids we love and crave. These fats are particularly embraced by that big ol' brain of yours. When you enjoy hemp seed oil topically, you're essentially sending the goodness from the outside all the way in.

FOUND IN: Face serum, Hand & foot cream, Lip balm & primer

Cannabidiol (CBD)

The better central business district of the world, hemp-derived CBD is boss because it connects to our body's own cannabinoid system. It's derived from hemp, which means no THC, more CBD.

GOOD FOR: Life. Love. Peace on earth. CBD is particularly great at fighting free-radicals, it's anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant and we totally believe it makes you and your skin feel more relaxed. It also does an excellent job at matching your skin's natural sebum production so we're basically in love and hope you enjoy this addition, too.

FOUND IN: Face serum, Hand & foot cream, Lip balm & primer