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About Us

We believe in simple self-care regimes with ingredients that harness the power of mother nature. 

Purr embraces and advocates the inner self, and celebrates moments of stillness as passionately as we do the thrills. We're here to explore the edges. Redefine boundaries. To cultivate pleasure and authenticity in every damn way.

Our straight up, non-negotiables: 

Good products. Minimalism is our ethos. From our formulation philosophy to brand design and packaging. We focus on quality, efficacy, and efficiency. Every ingredient, each formula, all decisions are intentional, authentic, potent, and pure.

Good for our planet. Sustainability, first. Our formulas will forever be waterless, our ingredients and packaging, consciously sourced. We won’t settle, because we always hope to do more. To make better decisions for our planet, and consistently give thanks to mother nature. 

Good for our community. Diversity, inclusivity, leading with love—this is what we live by. We’re a women of color owned and operated company, and this is our community, too.

From SoCal to your space, this is Purr. Ready to let go?